Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

larger than ours, and that they were far more developed than we in strange and alien ways. From 1959 until 1966 I had been working on the problem of communicating with these beings. To do this I was using the classical methods of catching dolphins and puttTng them into confinement in a laboratory. The work was being done by two groups, one in St. Thomas and the other in Miami, Florida. In Miami the group was mainly the brain research group. In St. Thomas it was mainly the communication group.

During the LSD experiences in the tank in the Virgin Islands, from 1964 to 1966, I had come upon the powerful set of concepts of "going with the flow," of following instructions of the guides, and of feeling the pulse of the universe here on the planet earth. Partly this comes from inside one's self and partly from other sources, at present unkuown. The instructions of the guides epitomized the sources unknown.

In the awe, reverence, and wonder of exploring the many spaces present inside myself and in the universe I found that I was developing a very powerful ethic. This ethic was beginning to regulate my life, my attitude, my relations with others, and my professional career. This ethic I epitomized in The Mind of the Dolphin when I said that I had borrowed Erik Erikson's rephrasing of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others and not do unto others what you would have the others do unto you and not do unto yOII. The others are to inelude other species, other entities, other beings in this universe."

I finished the book, The Mind of the Dolphin in 1966; it was published in 1967. At the time of publication I had all of the information that was needed to carry out the instructioms of the two guides and to follow this new ethic. However, to do so was going to

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