Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

as first-class biological organisms. I thought that this kind of acceptance by the scientific community was necessary in the future for our best relations with the dolphins. However, I still feel uneasy about this kind of just fication.

At the peak of the dolphin research we had thirty people working on this research. My etbical duty here was to close down the research m such a way that these people would not be left without jobs. During the subsequent year, places were found for these people. The dolphin brain group was moved intact to another scientific laboratory at Worcester, Massachusetts. Our computer was sent back to the Naffonal Institute of Mental Health at Bethesda, Maryland. The accumulation of scientific apparatus was split between the brain research group in their new location and the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center to which I was movmg to continue LSD work under legal auspices.

During the 1964-1966 series of experiments with LS D the relationship between my wife and myself had be come intolerably strained. In the subsequent retirement of all of the dolphin projects, she and I became sepa rated. The accumulated strains between us became so painful that it was necessary to terminate the relationship.

In the summer of 1968, the last of the dolphin papers entitled "Reprogramming the Sonic Output of the Bottlenosed Dolphin, was published in theJournal of the Acoustical Society of America in the July issue. This paper summarized my position in regard to the present state of the art of communication with the bottlenosed dolphin. It added considerable technical detail to what I had written in The Mind of the Dolphin, published the previous year. The new ideas derived from the LSD tank experiments, the human biocomputer programming and metaprogrammimg

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