Each part of each level has feedback-control relations with each part, indicated by the connecting lines. Each level has feedback-control with each other level. For the sake of schematic simplicity, many of these feedback connections are not shown. One example is an important connection between Levels Vl through IX and X; some built-in, survival programs have a representative at the Supra-Self-metaprogram Level as foll ows:~These programs are necessary for survive/; do not attenuate or excite them to extreme values; such extremes lead to non-computed actions, penalties, illness, or death.~ After construction, such a Metaprogram is transferred by the Self-metaprogram to the Supra-selfmetaprograms and to the Supra-species-metaprograms for future control purposes. The boundaries between the body and the external reality are between Levels I and 11; certain energies and materials pass this boundary in special places (heat, light, sound, food, secretions, feces). Boundaries between body and brain are between Levels II and lil; special structures pass this boundary (blood vessels, nerve fibers, cerebro-spinal fluid). Levels IV through Xl are in the brain circuitry and are the software of the Biocomputer. Levels above Level X are labeled "Unknown" for the following purposes: (1) to maintain the openness of the system, (2) to motivate future scientific research, (3) to emphasize the necessity for unknown factors at all levels, (4) to point out the heuristic nature of this schema, (5) to emphasize unwillingness to subscribe to any dogmatic belief without testable reproducible data, and (6) to encourage creative courageous imaginative investigation of unknown influences on and in human reallies, inner and outer.