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Consideration of the Spiritual Side

With the establishment of comfortable acceptance of wet, free suspension rn sea water, one can progress with ncw tvpea of thinking and feeling and new progncss in the changes in his ntind and spirit Not that these new types of thinking may or may not he used by the dolphin, rather that we have not used them freely up to this point. Perhaps they will be useful rn our encounters with the dolphins,

The purpose here is to free up one's own mind to see the new possibilities of feeling and thinking without the dry civilized strictures. For a while there is only the contrast; thinking before, in the dry, civilized life, and thinkmg now m the wet, civilized life. We are prepartng here as if we were setting out to prepare for a new mathematics, a new logic never befone seen or discovered by man. To frce the mind, the initial creative state for such inventions is needed. One must free oneself from the usual, from the conventional, areas of cogmition and of emotion.

Cogito ergo rum is all that is needed to navigatc these new, unique, and stramgo depths and underwater. One is secure in his own being because hc thinks and hence knows that hc exists. For a while, hc is content to allow the conflicts and thc storms of civilized life to go unheeded.

The great nonscientiflc writers of the past mav fumish us with guideposts. The areas in which one is now moving need the maps from man's knowledge, irrespective of itx origins or the current fashions in truth. For you I cannot espouse anv particular knowledge or anv particular parts of the total knowlcdge of man. Each oi us must choose our own, each of us has rntemal univcrses which are characteristic. There are underiving, basic inttrmr1 realitie.r in a separate.reries of nonconventictnal forms inside each of 'I Y. As children, we are taught to stay away from these nealities. As children v-e are told to accept only the rcalities of our parents. We are taught that our time is the bcst time, that our culture is the best culture, and that certain kinds of realities are the best for each of us. Yet as children, we each knew about these other realities hchind the usual forms. Almost consciously, society limits the consciousness of our species to certain kinds of realities to streamline us m the job that our species is currently doing.


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