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Consideration of the Spiritual Side

Since we have multiple inner realities and the multiple states of COnsciousneSD, we can imagine that the larger brain of the larger dolphins has a greater richness and greater range than ours does. In our brain the present and separate states of consciousness exist one beside the other, as it were. In the words of William James, the filmiest of screens separates everyday, physical, agreed-upon reality from each of the others The Eastem philosophers and religious leaders have explored some of these realities and cxplained them but only on their terms. A whole language of the multitudinous states of the mind and of the soul and of consciousness has been developed and used by them. Many of these explanations seem to he inappropriate for our Westem minds. Apparently we must devise whole new languages to describe these states on our own terms.

The Eastern systematization does not seem to be appropriate for the Wcstern personal nse. We can derive some confidence and security in the knowledge that these persons have explored some areas of interest for literally hundreds of years. We can copy some of their techniques and some of their approaches. But vith our own history and with our own society we must havo other explanations for what happens.

We may seem incredibly naive to these people; so be it. We are Westem, American and European in origin, education, religion, politics, marriage, customs, business practices, and children. (Even our dolphins come from the coastal waters of the United States. Whether this makes our dolphins Westem is a moot point.) We hope then to explore the multiple states of consciousness of man and also the mu tiple states of consciousness of dolphin. It is extremely likely that our spiritual life will be enriched by such expansions both m ourselves and in the dolphins.