Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

light, the golden light appeared on the left but a very dark threatening cloud appearcd on the right. I felt deep evil upon evil commg in from other dimensions on the right side.

The right side is the only side on which my migraine attacks occur. Helen Bommy was on the right side; Ken on the left The split in my being was good on the left and evil on the right. This split was finally abolished when Helen started working on the entities and forces coming from the right.

The experience here was very similar to the one in which I worked on my migraine with LSD. Then a "hole" in my head opened up into a universe and evil entities came into my head from the right. Helen and Ken accepted this evasion of going deeper and programmed me out of it.

Suddenly the evil blackness withdrew and the golden light took its place over my whole being and visual field. The two entities or guides did not appear but their presence was felt. I received various instructions from them about continuing on the path that I had chosen. I felt a very great approval of what we were doing and a great satisfaction and a sort of blessed state came over me. I was in the flow and doing the correct thing following their previous instructions. This was a very rewarding experience.

That night I went hack to my hotel room after the experiment. I had been thinkmg about my human guide of the first two LSD trips before I went to bed. In bed, I immediately went into deep trance.

I became a point center of consciousness, radiance, love, and warmth about two feet above tbe floor. I was in a bedroom, off the left-band foot-end of a bed. I could see two table lamps, one on each side of the bed. There was no one in the bed. On the bed was a beautiful

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