Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

cover. I saw along the left-hand side of the bed. I was filled with feelings of love and warmth.

Suddenly the cover over the bed on the left-hand side near the floor burst into flame. The flames traveled up and began to go over the top of the bed. I smelled smoke and moved back, feeling a sense of threat. I came back to the room in the hotel and suddenly realized that I had traveled out of my body from Topeka, Kansas, to Beverly Hills, Cahfomia, and that I was in tbe bedroom of my first LSD gmde.

I called her up on the telephone and just said, "What happened five minutes ago? She said, 'I was in bed with books all over the top of the bed reading. I got up to go to the bathroom, came back, couldn't find my glasses among all the books and grabbed the cover over the bed and violently pulled it off, throwing all of the books on the floor. I very briefly lost my temper. I found the glasses and climbed back into bed."

I then told her what I'd gone through. She agreed to report anytlung further that happened during the subsequent two days. She agreed that it was important that first she tell me what had happened to her rather than the other way around so that we would not be doing cross or parailel programming. In these experiments, I wanted to see if I was traveling and detecting what was going on in her particular regions. These experiments would have been impnoved if we had had a third observer to which each of us would have reported, but we decided that this was the way to do it at that tune.

The next day Ken, Helen, and I repeated our experiment of the previous day. Once more a peculiar repc.tition from the past took place and it appeared as if I was evading getting to the two guides.

As I went deep into trance this time, I suddenly was on another planet, not earth, in a deep cave, a very peculiar vertical cave with a spherioal chamber at the

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