Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

and asked my former guide what had happened to her at 3 P.M. She said, "At five minutes to three, I looked at the clock and realized that I had to go pick up the children from school. I started down the stairs and looked at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the stairwell. I was overcome with a sense of its immense beauty and took a childish delight in admiring it and seeing its fabulous palacelike quality. I skipped on down the stairs watching it as I went, admiring it and thoroughly enjoying the experience."

I then told her what had happened at the same time to me at a distance of twelve hundred miles away. She was delighted and we agreed to meet for further exehange when I got back to Califomia.

These two experiences in mental telepathy with my guide showed me one thing and that is that somehow or other I got into the mind of the other person involved and shared her state. In both cases her particular mood and emotion was transmitted to me as if I were her, the chandelier as a direct experience of my own and the buming bed cover as a symbolic transfer of her anger. In this latter case, it may be that I avoided experiencing the anger that she felt and created the symbolic representation myself.

In tbe third experiment with Helen and Ken, I went much deeper and approached the region of the two guides, but I was unable to really penetrate into the region. We then finished the series of experiments and I left for Califomia.

I met with my guide (terrestrial type) and discussed the results of these experiments. She wanted to hear the tapes of the inductions in the hypnotic experiments. I put one on the tape recorder and we sat back to listen.

In this sihnation I knew what was going to happen next on the tape. I knew which one of us was going to speak, Helen, Ken, or I. My guide did not know. I again

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