Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

listening to the repeating word coming from a loudspeaker near the head of the couch on which she was lying, I was lying on another couch across the room and relaxing. As she would hear an altemate, she would repeat the altemate word out loud into a microphone. I noticed that as I became more and more relaxed, I was hearing altemates also. A peculiar effect emerged in that as she would say an alternate, I would hear anotber altcrnate, which was in answer to hers. The only importance of this obseryation is that it showed that I was very relaxed. I was allowing and going with the flow.

Suddenly the source of the repeating word, the sound, moved from the left-hand side of the room all the way across the room and came inside my head as if I was wearing earphones. My one part of me knew that the loudspeaker, out of which the repeating words were coming, was on the far side of tbe room but another part knew that it was inside my head.

I went with this effect realizing then that I was in trance and that this was one of the reprogrammings of the perceptnal field that can take place durmg this particular state of consciousness.

Suddenly, even though my eyes were closed, I was lookmg into a room filled with golden light. I saw n huge chandelier, an immensely beautiful chandelier, hanging from the ceiling. I was filled with warm loving feelings and a sense of childish dclight and wonder at the beauty of this chandelier in this golden room. I felt the way I had in childhood at the prospect of seeing a palace, of being m a palace like those recounted in fairy stories. The chandelier had prismatic crystal pieces, hundreds of them hanging around the lights in the chandelier. The light being emitted was a soft golden glow.

After this experiment was over, I called up Califomia

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