Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

bottom. Somehow I did not know how to get out of this cave. I looked up through the vertical shaft and saw a blue light at the far end of the tummel. I was threatened by the fact that at tbe edges of the shaft there were what I thought to be "solid state life forms," small cubical and rectangular creatures who were doing some sort of work that I couldn't umderstand around the edges of the shaft. They were very busy and covered the whole surface of the shaft. I estimated that none of them was larger than three to four inches across in the largest dimension.

Somehow I felt that I was trapped in this spherical chamber and that I did not dare go up the shaft for fear of what these creatures might do to me.

We had arranged that I would be able to report what was happening from the depths of trance and I reported what was going on to Helen and Ken. Helen then immediately said, "I will lift you up through the shaft without your touching the walls. Stay with me. Allow me to lift and you will come up."

Immediately, I started rising through the shaft, came out through the opening in the surface of that planet, and saw the immense blue sky over my head and the very peculiar terrain of that planet.

It had a golden color to it. Tberc was no green. There was noth ng that I could describe in earthfike terms. It was of a very peculiar construction, very smooth, and quite unlike any earth scene that I have been in. There were some other beings on the surface of the planet, but at this point I was not interested in staying there, so l came back to the room in which the three of us were working.

Later that aftemoon, Helen Bommy wanted to participate in the repeating word experiment. Tbat afterrnoon we arranged to run her as a subject. We anranged the experiment nn a soundproof room. While she was

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